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    Travoline   Trevasse/ River Crossing/ Valley Crossing/ Flying Fox

Damdama Lake Damdama Lake
All the above mentioned are variations of the same technique. Travoline Trevasse is a useful technique while you are in a valley and want to cross it. Although, this is also an adventure activity, encouraging adventure enthusiasts to test his wits. Travoline Trevasse requires great patience.  In recent years, valley crossing/ Travoline Trevasse has become a much sought-after outdoor activity and there is a need of two high points if you want to experience the real fun and adventure of this sport. 

In recent years, valley crossing has become a sport and a number of adventure enthusiasts want to do it once in their life.  Valley Crossing is a 100% adventure sports activity, designed purely to get you that adrenaline rush. While practicing valley crossing, you would feel like flying across two points on a set of ropes. The distance between two points varies on requirements. A set of ropes, harness, and other ropes are used in valley crossing.  While travelling through rope, one should maintain proper speed and for securing himself from unnecessary movements. Proper speed helps you better utilize your energy. Your courage & confidence is a much-considered-factor while travelling between two points.

There are a number of risks associated with a pure valley crossing which often restrict many people to get involved with this game. But, now a very safe valley crossing activity is available at Dream Island middle of Damdama Lake. Just come at Dream Island and have the best experience of valley crossing. 
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    Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge is popular for its single rope bridge supported by three ropes. It is hanging bridge, tightly hung between two points. The bottom rope gives space to walk on, and other two ropes work as “hand-rails”. The last cable, at the height of head, is connected to the harness, used for safety purpose. Travelling on a real Burma Bridge is a check to your power. So, you must be daring enough while travelling on a real Burma Bridge.
“Don’t look down” are very famous words while you are on a Burma Bridge. But, once you walk on a Burma Bridge at Dream Island, the fear is completely negligible. Here, you can have the same experience of walking on an actual Burma Bridge.

    Commando Bridge

A commando Bridge is the simplest form of bridge to travel between two points. This bridge is made of two ropes; one for walking on and second for hand-railing. As its name suggests, this bridge is used by commandos for emergency traveling. Traveling on a real Commando Bridge is quite challenging as one requires immense courage to walk on only rope with help supporting rope. Inexperienced people may swing badly if they do not maintain balance.
Balance is important thing and your patience helps you while walking on only rope with help of other one. You would hardly like to walk on a Commando Bridge, as it is enthralling and very adventurous too.  But, at Dream Island, it is safe and not high too. At Dream Island, walking on an artificial commando Bridge is as similar as you are walking on real Burma Bridge. Although, it is safe here because it is made on land, just to deliver you an experience of walking on real commando bridge.

         Commando Net

If you are tough then you can also learn how commandos cross an obstacle by climbing across net.  Climbing commando net is also quite adventurous. For decades, commando nets have been used for the purpose of training.  It is a favorite outdoor activity in a variety of summer camps and preferred by both children and adults. Commando net is all about balance building and coordination. The right climbing can be learned if you know how weight is balanced. In many training places, it is used as strength training exercises.
You can have a very good opportunity of climbing a commando net at Dream Island, situated in the middle of Damdama Lake, Gurgaon. Dream Island is place where you can fill your appetite for adventure.

    Australian Trolley

Australian Trolley is the game of harmonization. It is an interesting outdoor activity often participated by children or adults. Two 8fts long and 4” by 4” broad planks are used as trolley. All through the length of board, many ropes are also attached. For beginning this activity, 6 to eight participants put their both feet over both boards. On start, each participant grips rope in their hands and with sync, they start of walk by upholding the board. 
Each step taken by ever participant is the outcome of coordination and sync while failure of one participant, is failure of the entire team. Two points are decided and the entire group of people reach from starting to end point.

    Double Trouble – Similiar to Commando Bridge ie two parallel ropes suspended at a height. One walks on the lower rope holding on to the various suspended ropes from the top rope. Two people get up from both ends and have to cross each other in the middle ie where you have trouble.   
    Blind Fold Commando – Is a fun filled game which is enjoyed in groups and it is better played than described.

    Tug of War

Tug of war is the test of a team for its strength and cunning. It is just the right party game. Apart from children, this game is also played by adults. A strong rope should be used for tug of war game or, both teams will fall back with great force that can also hurt some members. The field, where this game is played, should also be smooth and free from from rough soil and gravel as they scratch you if you suddenly fall down.  
While playing tug-o-war, two parallel lines of about 20 feet are painted. The rope used in the game should usually be in these lines. In the middle of the rope, a cloth-flag is tied. Both teams’ weight should be equal. They are required to position themselves along the rope on either side of one of the lines leaving the center area (or no man's land) empty. The referee holds onto the rope at the point of the flag as the rope is gradually made tight.
    Cricket with Soft Ball

At Dream Island, visitors can also play cricket. Cricket is a beloved game of everyone in India and your picnic or travelling tour is not complete if you don’t play cricket game. Visitors come here and participate in different adventure activities. Dream Island is a famous place for a variety of adventure activities such as Artificial Rock climbing, Valley Crossing, Burma bridge, Commando Bridge, Travoline Trevasse, Commando Net, Australian Trolley, Trouble, Fold Commando, of War, Cricket with soft ball,     Music & Dance, Rain Dance, and Swimming.

    Music & Dance

At Dream Island you can soak yourself in music and dance.  Your tour at Dream Island is combined with a big dose of music and dance.
    Rain Dance

At Dream Island you can also have opportunity of rain dance. Artificial rain is arranged amid a completely enchanting environment. Now get drenched in music with rain showers on the discotheque. Chill out yourselves and dance to the beats of rain dance parties which we organize.


Quite a few facilities are available to you on your visit at Dream Island. We want to turn your visit at Dream Island into a memorable experience. We offer following facilities at Dream Island:


  • 12 Swiss tents
  • Rain Dance.
  • Volley ball, fishing, and recreation area for Children, Barbecue, Cocktail, Bonfire, Gala Dinner and Theme Evenings, Valley Crossing.
  • For relaxation and observation there is one 20 ft. high Machaan.
  • Lakeside dance floor and barbecue.
  • Boating

Corporate Facilities:

  • Lakeside conference facilities for 150 people.
  • Equipments can be provided as per requirements.
  • Resource people for various training programmes like team building, leadership, Communication,
  • Training programs on Community behavior, marketing etc can be organized.

"To provide the highest quality services at a competitive price backed up by a total commitment to customer service"


We offer a number of activities to keep you engaged and enthralled during your visit at Dream Island. By these activities we want to make your day – a day that would be combined with enchanting memories….


  • Artificial Rock climbing
  • Travoline   Ttrevasse
  • Jumarring
  • Valley Crossing
  • Target Jump


  • Burma bridge
  • Tyre Crossing
  • Commando Bridge
  • Double Trouble
  • Balance Walk
  • Glider
  • Trust Fall
  • Air Walk
  • Commando Net
  • Spider Web


  • Australian Trolley
  • Tug of War 
  • Musical Chairs
  • Tambola
  • Blind Fold Commando
  • Music & Dance
  • Cricket with soft ball
  • Nature walk
  • barrel crossing


(Available only in groups of more than 10 persons with prior confirmation)


  • Rock climbing
  • Camel Rides
  • Hot air Ballooning
  • Rowing
  • Fishing
  • Jungle treks
  • Jungle and Mountain treasure treks

(Can be organized at extra cost with prior notice for groups at Extra cost)
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